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Friday, 26 August 2016

Version 0.46 released!

After 2 months there is new release. In this version was fixed a lot of bugs and issues, but you can still find some.
This release has newly two packages - first is for Arma 2 and second is for Arma 3.

For Arma 2, read carefully: if you has saved mission in the editor and you try to open it, you can get error message with: "Cannot find addon: chernobylzonea2". To fix this error, open mission.sqm in notepad and replace all occurrences "chernobylzonea2" with "chernobylzone" (without quotes) and save. Then you can open it in editor. If you have prooblems with that, please contact me.

  • Added new warehouses to greenhouses
  • Added ladders in swimming pool "Azure"
  • Added shadows in buildings (only Arma 3)
  • Added new underground to Deli store and "Univermag" store
  • Added new category to Eden editor with objects from Zone

  • Replaced building/warehouse in Oil storage facility

  • Fixed strange Sidorovichs bunker destroy behavior
  • Fixed Consumer Center Yubileyny ceiling fire geometry
  • Fixed Cement factory collision and ladders
  • Fixed damaging of fences, light poles, signs and other small objects
  • Fixed bad alpha textures on many buildings in Pripyat
  • Fixed alpha channel in textures: mtl_rja_02_holesmtl_rja_holes, prop_grate_01, mtl_batarea_p
  • Fixed chz_okoli_bouda_2 collision of door
  • Fixed collision of object chz_zastavka
  • Fixed RoadWay on chz_vesnice_vodojem
  • Fixed collision of all vehicles/wrecks
  • Fixed ladder on light poles in Yanov
  • Fixed cellar in Music school
  • Fixed collision of object chz_autobusova_zastavka
  • Fixed volume of thunder sounds
  • Fixed Yanov underground
  • Fixed some textures in Yanov
  • Fixed Cement factory underground and some textures


1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Great job for all that work on this project. I a looked through this map last month and its amazing. If someone can run a exile or epoch server i think it would be the best map on arma 3.